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This Old Machine 2017 (SD)

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This Old Machine
  Rating: 2.7/81

Plot Summary:

Vint is in a troubled marriage. After taking a road trip with his wife they are abducted leaving him for dead and his wife missing. Months later he awakens from a coma, returns home and starts to get his life back in order. Mia his young sister-in-law moves in to take care of him as he recovers. After evidence comes forth and authorities have long given up. The two team up and return to the small town where his wife was last seen. They are led down a violent rabbit-hole where they might not find out the truth behind her disappearance.
Director: Brad Garris
Running time: 1h 24min
Release date: 14 November 2017 (USA)
Cast: Lance Henriksen, Kevin Sorbo, Dee Wallace, Sylvia Jefferies, Ted Huckabee, Justin Geer, Clair Danielle Canterbury, Joshua Haire, Whitney Christopher, Sonya Thompson, Peg Thon, Geoff McKnight, Kya Haywood, Ian Isaksson

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